TECHNOLOGY AWARD NOMINATIONS for 2018 are now open! Please complete the following nomination form by Sept 30 for each of the following categories. Awards will be announced and presented at the Fall Conference in Bismarck on Oct 16.

Criteria for Technology Leader of the Year: 1) Implementation of commendable district-wide technology improvements or initiatives. 2) Leadership skills used to improve technology skill and/or access of community members. 3) Active involvement in professional organizations.

Criteria for Technology Teacher of the Year: 1) Commendable efforts to implement the use of technology to enhance student learning. 2) Leadership in implementing a new program, course offering, or instructional change. Describe the program/course in detail. 3) Active involvement in professional organizations.

Technology Award Nomination Form

Technology Award Nomination Form

Past Award Recipients


Technology Leader – Large SchoolKent Monilaws, West Fargo
Technology Leader – Small SchoolJeremy Lund, Minto
Technology TeacherAmanda Skinner, Williston


Technology Leader – Large SchoolAudrey Angelo, Williston
Technology Leader – Small SchoolRocky Fredericksen, Cavalier
Technology TeacherLucas Steier, Fargo


Technology Leader – Large School – Mike Defoe, Devils Lake
Technology Leader – Small School – Greg Pollestad, Drayton
Technology Teacher – D’Ette Erickson, Midway and Mary Martin, Park River


Technology Leader – Large School – Sarah Becker, Beulah
Technology Leader – Small School – Jeremy Lund, Midway
Technology Teacher – Krista McMiller, Ellendale and Delphine Gregoire, Grand Forks


Technology Leader – Large School – Rae Ann Vandrovec, Jamestown
Technology Leader – Small School – Nancy Bollingberg, Fessenden
Technology Teacher – Patricia Merritt, Grand Forks


Technology Leader – Large School – Jerry Schneider, Fargo
Technology Leader – Small School – Tim Keckler, Northern Cass
Technology Teacher – Frank Egen, Valley City


Technology Leader – Large School – Irene Mohn, Wahpeton
Technology Leader – Small School – Larry Engel, Oakes
Technology Teacher – Tami Bradley, South Prairie


Technology Leader – Large School – Dave Sherwin, Bismarck
Technology Leader – Small School – Bob Baumann, Bottineau
Technology Teacher – Tom Sheeler, Minot


Technology Leader – Large School – Bryan Kriewald, Valley City
Technology Leader – Small School – Chris Rooke, Center-Stanton
Technology Teacher – Cyndie Behles, Garrison
Friend of Technology – Jody French, EduTech


Technology Leader – Large School – Chris Webb, Minot
Technology Leader – Small School – Barb Bickel, Bowman
Technology Teacher – Anna Sell
Friend of Technology – Craig Nansen, Minot


Technology Leader – Large School – Mark Wagner, Beulah
Technology Leader – Small School – Rosemary Dahl, Beach
Technology Teacher – Mary Schmidt, Ellendale
Friend of Technology – Lisa Feldner, Bismarck


Technology Leader – Large School – Brenda Schell, Valley City
Technology Leader – Small School – Brenda Mitzel, Wolford
Technology Teacher – Brad Fitzgerald, St. John
Friend of Technology – Tim Kadrmas, EduTech


Technology Leader – Large School – Lisa Feldner, Bismarck
Technology Leader – Small School – Kerry Olson-Rysavy, Devils Lake
Technology Teacher – Sara Kordovsky, Bowman


Technology Leader – Large School – Julie Palmer, Williston
Technology Leader – Small School – Paul Jensen, Kindred
Technology Teacher – Loren Nelson, Northwood


Technology Leader – John Steiner, Fargo


Technology Leader – Darin King, Grand Forks