Thanks for attending Technology Rocks, Part 2!

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Thanks to everyone for attending, presenting, and sponsoring the Spring Technology Rocks, Part 2 Face2Face Conference in Bismarck!

Complete the evaluation survey for the conference at

Links to Presentations:


Shannay Witte – Scribbler Robots

Jodi Dodson – Newsela

Kelly Rexine – Augmented Reality

Colar Mix –

AR Flashcards –

Daqri Elements 4D –

App for 4D-

Jeremy Holkup – Tweetdeck

Online website –

Mac App –

Chrome Extension –

Craig Nansen – IFTTT

Mike Mchugh – Google + helpouts

Sarah McFadden – Thinglink

Mike Defoe – Class Dojo

Lenora Stevenson and Charity Nix – Socrative

John Gieser and Paul Jensen – O365

Bob Bauman and Ross Roemich – PowerSchool

Ryan Larson – Lego Mindstorm

Scott Conrad – Flubaroo

Lucas Steier – Scoot Pad

Chrome Store -

Trivs to Engage
50 tips in 50 minutes
Augmented Reality in Education…Really?)
Augmented Reality or QR Codes on Steroids?
21st Century Course
Add onto your Feedback
Efficiency with Google
Add onto your Feedback Efficiency with Google Add-ons
Apps in the Elementary Classroom
25 Tools in 50 Minutes

Mark your calendars for the NDATL Fall Face2Face in Minot on October 13-14!

Thanks for attending Fall F2F 2013!

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Thanks to the vendors, presenters, and attendees for a successful NDATL Fall Conference!
NDATL F2F Fall 2013

Kevin Honeycutt did a fantastic job!

Keep the conversation and collaboration going by joining #ndedchat on Twitter on Wednesday evenings at 9:00 (sponsored by EduTech).

Presenter links:

Janet O’Hara’s presentation on Google Hangouts Who’s Your +1? and Using QR Codes to Create Classroom Engagement

Darlene Johnson’s presentation on Supporting Literacy with iPads is at

We will see you at the Ramada (previously the Doublewood) in Bismarck this April 10-11 for the Spring F2F!

Animoto Video from Fall F2F 2012

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To see the Animoto video of the Fall F2F below.

Thanks for attending the Spring F2F!

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Thanks for making the NDATL Spring F2F such a big success! Be sure to complete the evaluation survey. We really do value your feedback and use it to plan the next conference. We look forward to seeing everyone at the Fall F2F in Minot on Oct. 1-2, 2012!

Spring evaluation survey

Links to presentations are available below.

Jodell Teiken’s session on professional development

Marilyn O’Callahan “Really, A Blog as a Webpage”

Video from Spring Face2Face 2011

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Here it is—the Animoto Video from Spring Face2Face in Mandan. Who had the most fun? Remember to mark your  calendars for the Fall Face2Face on Oct. 3-4 in Minot!